Nursing Leadership

Week 3 Thoughts

Learning about hiring from a management perspective was really fun this week.  I recently went through the hiring process as I took a new job about six months ago.  I liked thinking about the process from a different angle.

Behavior-based interview questions really do give the information a manager needs to gauge how a certain candidate will fit into their unit.  I was asked questions about how I would deal with a difficult provider.  I had several experiences to choose from and was able to demonstrate how I deal with this circumstance.  I can see how a manger would want to see into my thought processes and strategies.

I had never really thought about the importance of not dragging the hiring process on too long.  Valuable candidates could easiliy take different positions if the process is too long.  When I was interviewing, the manger informed me that the process would be longer than usual due to a vacation she already had scheduled.  In the interim, Human Resources communicated with me letting me know that I was still being considered.  I really appreciated the information.

The manager asked two nurses that work in the clinic to participate in my interview.  They asked questions of their choice and also explained what my responsibilities would be and how the clinic runs.  I knew when I was hired that they felt we would work well together and this was reassuring.

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