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I talked to Marcus Anjewierden who is the HR representative for the Church Auditing Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Marcus said that he his preferred time frame from posting a job opening to the time when a candidate is offered a position is 2-3 months but that this time frame varies on the amount of interest that a job posting generates.  He said that he currently has listings that seem to be perpetually open.  The corporation has its own internal talent recruiters that try to find that people with the right qualifications and reach out to them to generate interest in employment.  75% of applicants have been reached out to on LinkedIn by recruiters.  The other 25% are obtained through internet postings.  They post job opportunities on BYU websites as well as other universities.

The first thing that will disqualify an applicant is a resume with grammatical errors or one that is sloppy.  Marcus said that most resumes look similar so if he sees one that is really well done and stands out he will take more of an interest in looking at it.  If he is interested in an applicant’s resume the applicant will then have a video interview.  Lack of personality, arrogance an trying to negotiate salary at that point will push an applicant out of the running.

When considering applicants, the Marcus looks for those with between 3-5 years of accounting experience, preferable with a Big Four firm, though they do consider some applicants from regional firms.  They typically screen out applicants with more than 5-6 years of experience.  Applicants have to have certain certifications, CPA among them, to be considered.

Marcus likes to have a large field of interviewees.  Recently he chose 50 candidates from those who had submitted resumes to have a video interview.  The field was then narrowed to 12-15 who had on-site interviews and then hired 6 employees from that field.

There are 8 directors under a managing director in Church Auditing.  Marcus is one of these directors.  Candidates are interviewed by all the these people.  Each director gives input and then Marcus and the managing director are responsible for making the final decision of which candidate(s) are hired.

During the interview the candidates are assessed for how well they would fit the culture of the department, whether or not they have a personality that can adapt well, if they think well on their feet and if they have good experience.  Those who seem uptight, talk excessively, answer questions with only one word or have a history of changing jobs frequently will not be considered for employment.

Once finalists are chosen references are checked and background checks done.

When a decision has been made as to a candidate to be hired, the grading scale of the corporation is looked at.  All candidates are asked in the video interview what their minimum salary requirement is.  Marcus works with Human Resources and does an internal equity comparison, or compares experience and qualifications of other employees, and they put together the best possible offer for the applicant.

Marcus has had the difficult burden of having a friend apply for a position and not obtain an offer.  It was grueling for him to have to call and inform the friend that he would not be hired.

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