Nursing Leadership

Week 4 thoughts

This unit on team building was really fun and welcomed!  I enjoyed learning new things about my team and appreciated their willingness to lead as well as to compromise.  They are an easy group to work with and their views gave me new things to think about. I have learned over time that I am better when I don’t always think that I am right and that I don’t need to feel threatened by other points of view.  The positivity of my team members helped me to be more positive this week!

At work the past two days I have had teamwork on my mind.  I have a great group at work as well but I made a more concerted effort to let others share ideas with me.  I also tried to take initiative where I needed to to help the clinic run more smoothly.

I really enjoyed the hiring interview this week.  The HR rep that I talked to gave me so many things to think about and I kept thinking that everyone should talk to someone like him before applying for jobs.  I found that it is really important to make yourself stand out beginning with a great resume and then by presenting yourself well during interviews.  While you need to answer questions fully, it is also important not to talk yourself up too much.  All interesting things to consider.

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