Nursing Leadership

Week 5 Thoughts

This week was full of team activities and I really enjoyed them.  I was surprised to see how similarly we felt about all of the questions asked.  We unanimously chose Christ as who we felt was the greatest leader of all times, making a consensus very simple.  Also, we all felt that the single mother who worked her scheduled shifts but did not pick up extra should be dealt with easily due to her circumstances.  My team was extremely compassionate with her.  I did feel that she should be expected to pick up a minimal amount of extra shifts if extra shifts are mandatory on the unit but the rest of the team just felt that she should be off the hook and I admire them for that.

It was good to think about how employees should be evaluated.  I feel that some managers evaluate very subjectively though they often don’t work directly with those they are evaluating.  Some subjectivity has to be used in evaluations but I think that a more fair way to do this is to use things that can be measured more concretely such as goals and continuing education and extra shifts worked.  Several peer evaluations are also helpful.  I am interested to see how the person I interview about evaluations this coming week feels about this process.

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